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Banks Challenged to Include More Women In Leadership & Business

Nairobi, Tuesday, August 2, 2016... Banks have today been challenged to come up with initiatives that will lead to an inclusion of more women in positions of leadership in line with the Sustainable Development Goal on Gender Equality which calls for gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls by the year 2030. This was said today at a forum hosted by the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) for Leading Women in Banking and Finance in partnership with the Central Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, Citi Bank Kenya, Guaranty Trust Bank and Postbank...
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Statement by Kenya Bankers Association on the Banking (Amendment) Bill 2015

Nairobi, July 28th 2016 - The banking industry through the Kenya Bankers Association has made every effort to propose reasonable solutions to the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Planning and Trade -- towards addressing the concerns of the public regarding the area of interest rates. We believe that the proposed Amendments to the Banking Act were introduced with the best intentions for the banking public; however, there are several considerations that must be factored into the legislation so as to achieve the ultimate goal while forestalling an adverse impact on the economy overall and the millions of Kenyans who rely on finance from banks.
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Banks, Judiciary Seek To Use Mediation To Unlock Ksh 10 Billion Locked In Litigation

Nairobi, Tuesday, July 5, 2016... The Judiciary's Commercial Division in partnership with the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) met to explore ways through which banks can use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Currently over Ksh 10 billion is locked up in bank-related litigation. The meeting, whose theme was "Commercial Disputes: Creating Value through Mediation"...
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Banking Industry Body Appoints New Chairman for 2015/2016 Term

Nairobi, 23 JUNE 2016: Members of the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA), the banking industry umbrella body, elected Mr. Lamin Manjang, Regional Chief Executive of Standard Chartered Bank, as the new Chairman of the KBA board of directors, known as the Governing Council, during the KBA's Annual General Meeting that was held on 23rd June 2016. He will serve for the stipulated 12 month term. Mr. Jeremy Ngunze will continue to serve as Vice Chairperson.
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Kenya Bankers Association sets up Payment Digital Solutions Firm to Enhance Industry's Interoperability

The umbrella of commercial banks' industry body, Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) has established a fully-fledged payments technology delivery service firm as part of a strategic effort to boost the banking sector's interoperability and efficiency through affordable technology-based solutions.
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Redefining Banking and Finance

Bank CEOs Chat about Women in Business, Building Capacity of SMEs, and Islamic Banking
Nairobi, May 18th 2016 - The banking industry in Kenya has experienced tremendous changes in the last decade, leading to enhanced financial inclusion and efficiency; and harnessed small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) engagement practices and policies, living up to the global trends of convenience and alternative banking models.
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House Price Uptick on the Back of Broad Stability

Nairobi, April 28th 2016 - The Kenya Bankers Association Housing Price Index (KBA-HPI) reflected an uptick in house prices in the country during the first quarter of 2016, with the movement representing a reversal of the mild decline in the rate of growth seen in the previous quarter. The average house prices in Kenya increased by a modest 1.4 per cent during the first quarter of 2016 compared to a 1.14 per cent rise in the last quarter of 2015.
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